TENS for pain relief


TENS machine pain reliefAnyone who has stayed up late watching infomercials lately will have heard of a TENS machine. TENS machines provide a drug free way to control pain.

TENS machines are small and battery powered. They have been used by Physiotherapists since the late 1970’s.

TENS machines work by transmitting an electrical current between two stick on electrodes. This electrical current stimulates the nerves below the skin.

TENS can help to ease pain in two ways. Firstly, the electrical stimulation of the nerves produces a relatively pleasant “pins and needles” feeling which bombards the nerve and reduces the body’s ability to perceive pain sensation from that area. The other way that it is believed that TENS reduces the pain felt by those using it, is by encouraging the body to release already naturally occurring substances like serotonin and opioids which are known to modulate perceived pain.

Physiotherapists are experts in the use of TENS. If you would like to discuss the likely effectiveness of TENS for your pain, or trial a machine, please speak to your physiotherapist at your next session.