5 Tips on Bike Set Up


cyclingIt is important to look at both intrinsic factors, such as your own physical features, as well as extrinsic factors, such as mechanical factors of the bike, when assessing if your bike is set up correct for you.

Did you know….
1. A poor bike set up can reduce your V02 max (VO2 max is a way to measure your aerobic capacity).
2. Pelvic or hip rocking on the bike, which can be caused by an incorrect seat height, is a big contributing factor to back pain amongst cyclists.
3. A bike seat which is too high causes the knees to be too extended whilst pedaling and also causes pelvic/hip rocking.
4. A bike seat which is too low causes an increase in hip and knee flexion (increased bend), which can lead to hip impingement.
5. Numb hands are quite common among cyclists and can be caused by vibration of the handle bars and/or by holding your hands in a non neutral position which can occur with wide handle bars.

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