Tips on Balance from InnerStrength of Bayside!


Tips on Balance from InnerStrength!

Balance is contributed to by several body systems. Eye sight plays a big role in the maintenance of balance as does your joint position awareness. One can test their balance by performing tasks in situations that confound the information received by these systems. Standing on a pillow dampens ones joint position awareness whereas, doing exercises with your eyes closed forces you to balance without the information that your vision provides.

Everybody can benefit from improving their balance. As balance can help to reduce falls in the young and old. Balance has also been shown to reduce the risk of injury in those participating in sport. Balance exercises are an important part of any rehabilitation from a lower limb injury.

It is important to discuss the suitability of these exercises with your physiotherapist prior to commencing them.

Always set up your environment to ensure safety and prevent falling.

1 .Try to stand on one leg for 1 minute (Once this is easy, try it with your eyes closed).

2. Try to stand on a pillow for 1 minute (Once this is easy, try it on one leg, then try it with your eyes closed).

3. Pick a straight line on the floor and practice walking along it slowly placing your heel directly in front of the toes of the previous foot, imitating tight rope walking.

4. Standing on one leg, pass a ball from one hand to the other, underneath your raised leg (Once this is easy, try it with your eyes closed).

5. Many Pilates exercises incorporate an element of balance training, we offer Clinical Pilates at InnerStrength and can tailor your program to focus on balance.

If you are rehabilitating an injury or have a significant balance problem resulting in falls, you may need to build up from 5 minutes until you can complete a range of these exercises for 10-15 minutes. Rest when you need to as fatigue hampers balance.