Hip Pain


Anterior Hip Pain

Hip painPain at the front of the hip joint (anterior hip pain) can occur for various reasons including trauma, muscle strain or weakness, abdominal pathology, hip joint osteoarthritis or referred pain from the spine.  Physiotherapists at InnerStrength of Bayside can differentially diagnose between these conditions and provide you with an appropriate rehabilitation program.

Treatment includes postural correction, myofascial and joint release techniques and exercise. Strong hip muscles are vital for hip joint stability, balance and daily activities including walking, squatting, stairs and running.

Some tips for reducing load on your hip include:

  • Keep the weight on your heels when moving from sit to stand and squatting.
  • Soften the knees when standing for long periods.
  • Avoid crossing your legs or sitting on low chairs.

If you would like more information on treating your hip pain, please call InnerStrength of Bayside to book a physiotherapy consultation on Ph: 8555 4099.