Tennis Elbow by Sings Lakha

Tennis elbow is a local tendinopathy (tendon injury) of an extensor tendon of the forearm. The injury is a local inflammation and degeneration of the tendon that is usually caused by repetitive loading e.g using a hammer.

The elbow is painful with gripping activities with the elbow extended and the palm facing downward, e.g. when hammering. Other painful activities include tucking in your shirt in at the back and lifting a kettle.

Pain can radiate up the forearm and down the forearm.

The first line of treatment is rest and activity modification e.g picking up objects with your palm facing upwards and avoid overloading the tendon with too much of laboured work (hammering). Holding heavy objects close to the body is advisable to avoid loading the tendon.

Other methods of treatment include joint mobilisation, strapping, icing and a prescribed forearm strengthening program. Seeing your physiotherapist is vital to rule out any pathologies of the shoulder and the neck, so please give InnerStrength of Bayside a call on 8555 4099 if you would like an assessment.