Pilates: an Opportunity to Move by Lara Syme

opportunityRecently one of my friends hiked the Overland Trail in Tasmania. When I asked her what she liked most about her hiking trip, she told me that she enjoyed the “opportunity to move”. My friend works in a sitting job and she drives a long way to and from work. So, her average day-to-day life involves moving in quite predictable ways. Whereas, while are hiking, she might come to a tree that has fallen over the path or a steep rocky outcrop she needs to climb. In these scenarios you have to ask yourself “how am I going to get up/over that” and you find yourself moving in unpredictable movement patterns.

Last night while I did my Pilates practice I felt really grateful for the opportunity to move every part of my body, stretch it and strengthen it.

Life offers up so many different opportunities to move, Pilates is just one of them that breaks up the sitting at work/in the car/on the couch really well!