Merry Christmas from InnerStrength of Bayside!


We would like to wish all of our loyal Physiotherapy patients and Clinical Pilates clients a very Merry Christmas and a great New Year!Protein Balls!

To help show our appreciation for your support we are giving out Luci’s home made protein balls (as shown under our tree) to everyone who comes in before Christmas.

A few people have asked for the recipe so here it is….



2x handfuls of dates

2x teaspoons LSA

2x teaspoons flax seeds

1x teaspoon chia seeds

2x teaspoons shredded coconut

2x teaspoons of a nut spread (I used hazelnut spread)


Put all ingredients into a food processor or nutribullet and blend. Roll into balls with more shredded coconut and VOILA!

This recipe will make about 5 balls.