Meet Meg!


At InnerStrength we know that our business’s strength is our exceptional and unique employees. Without them we would have no InnerStrength! So we have decided to write a regular feature about each of our employees, celebrating their uniqueness.

Meet Meg! At the moment Meg runs our popular Monday evening and Saturday morning Pilates Classes.  Meg is very creative with her exercise prescription. She listens to patients’ needs and devises perfectly individualised programs.


What do you do to stay strong?

I play netball, I experiment with yoga poses and inversions, and I do Pilates of course!

If you were a flower, which would you be?

A sunflower!

Favourite season?

Summer! I love being out in the sunshine.

What are you reading at the moment?

“Bored and Brilliant” – Manoush Zomorodi

What’s your favourite movie?

I always find this to be a tough question to answer, but I did thoroughly enjoy a movie I watched earlier in the year, “Into the Wild”. 

What cheers you up?

Anything with an element of play! Also exploring movement, being outdoors and watching my favourite TV show, “Friends”!

If you could have a room to hang out in, full of one thing which couldn’t be removed from the room, what would that thing be?

Bean bags!


Please call InnerStrength of Bayside on 8555 4099 to make an appointment with Meg.