Interesting Facts On Low Back Pain

Did you know…

  • 79% of Australians are affected by low back pain in their life time? (Walker, Muller & Grant, 2004).
  • For most people, their low back pain won’t be harmful, will require minimal intervention (Brox et al, 2008) and will resolve itself.
  • 82% of people return to work within one month (Pengel et al, 2003).
  • However 10-20% of people will develop chronic pain as a result of their low back pain (Maher, 2004) and 60% will experience a recurrence within 2 years (Choi et al, 2010).

Here are some tips to help avoid your low back pain from becoming persistent or from returning:

  • Keep active. One of the best things to do for back pain is exercise, however make sure your pain is eased by the movement, not exacerbated.
  • Avoid activities that worsen your pain, don’t push through it!
  • If sitting hurts, try putting a rolled up towel or small cushion against your lower back and try to avoid sitting on low couches or chairs.
  • Seek treatment early, don’t put it off. This will help you manage your pain. Unfortunately the longer you have had the pain for, the longer your rehab may last for.

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