Lateral knee pain: ITB syndrome

ITB syndrome (Iliotibial band syndrome) is recognised as pain around the lateral (outer) part of the knee just above the knee joint. Pain is thought to be caused by a compression of a fat pad on the outer side of the knee near where the ITB inserts.

ITB syndrome is the third most frequent injury among distance runners. It usually ocJoggingcurs in runners and may intensify with increased running intensity, speed and distance. Pain usually occurs a few kilometers into a run, especially when the foot strikes the ground.

Treatment options:

  • Stretching the ITB and the hip muscles that attach into it (Tensor Fascia Latae and Gluteas Maximus).
  • Massage or Dry Needling.
  • Running technique modification can help with treating ITB syndrome i.e. look at your running style – do you run with your knee rolling inwards?, reduce your running to pain free levels.
  • Strengthening the hip, namely the gluteals is vital.

If you think that you experiencing ITB syndrome, it is important that you’re assessed by a physiotherapist in order to diagnose ITB syndrome correctly. There are other structures in and around the knee that can also cause lateral (outer) knee pain such as the lateral meniscus and lateral collateral ligament.

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