Groin Pain


Groin painGroin pain is a common condition particularly affecting the sporting population; especially runners and those playing directional sports like football, soccer and hockey.  Some of the causes may be muscle strain or tendinopathy, hip, and pelvic joint pathology, hernia, nerve entrapment or referred pain from the spine.  Physiotherapists at InnerStrength of Bayside can assist to diagnose and treat groin pain.

A period of rest is usually not effective in the treatment of groin pain.  Many symptoms re-present on return to activity.  Weakness and overload of hip, pelvic and spinal muscles and joints can contribute to the development of groin pain.  Initial management of groin pain at InnerStrength of Bayside may involve load management, core stability exercises, hip strengthening, massage and joint mobilisation.

Physiotherapists at InnerStrength of Bayside can tailor a rehabilitation program just for you.

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