Dry Needling


Have you heard of dry needling and wondered what it is?

To practice Dry Needling a physiotherapist needs to undertake specialised training courses. There are different types of dry needling such as Trigger Point Needling or Dry Needling Plus. Our Principal Physiotherapist Luci Minogue has been trained in Dry Needling Plus and has had a lot of success in treating musculoskeletal injuries such as back pain, shoulder pain, elbow pain, hip pain and knee pain. Dry Needling Plus is driven by the musculoskeletal assessment of anomalies in movement and tissue. The physiotherapist will then insert acupuncture needles into this tissue to cause changes in tissue physiology. Among other things, dry needling increases the blood flow to an area and can improve muscle activation, reduce tightness and therefore improve a person’s function.

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