Acting Your Age By Lara Syme


I had dinner with my Grandfather last week. He will turn 100 years old in May 2017. He was telling me casually about how he slipped  while getting out of the shower the day before. He lay on the floor for a minute or so thinking “should I call out for help?” Then he decided he wasn’t in any pain, nothing was broken, so he just “got up” and continued doing whatever he was about to do.
Physios rarely get to hear these stories. When anybody over the age of 70 falls in the shower…. I think about is broken hips…. or lying on the floor for hours before being rescued.
I love that my Grandfather doesn’t act his age. I admire that he can get up from the floor when so many elderly and not so elderly people can’t!
I’m lucky to be a Physio, because my job brings me into contact with so many people who defy the stereotypes attached to aging.
From what I can glean, it seems the key to aging well is to “never acting your age”. Maybe that will be my New Years resolution!