5 Practical Ways to Reduce Jaw Pain. By Lara Syme


At InnerStrength of Bayside we have Physiotherapists with a special interest in treating the Jaw, especially when it is contributing to headaches. We employ experienced Physios who have done extensive additional training and reading about the treatment and rehabilitation of the Jaw. So, if your jaw is giving you trouble call to make an appointment 8555 4099.
Here are some things that you can do to help to reduce your Jaw pain.
1. Eat softer foods, this is a short term strategy for while your pain is flared up. Eating softer food is to the Jaw, what crutches are to lower limb injuries – it gives your Jaw a rest. This is an especially good idea if you find chewing painful. There are several websites with specific recipes for soft food diets. At the very least avoiding very crunchy or chewy food is likely to be helpful.
2. Try to reduce the amount of Jaw clenching that you do when awake. Set up cues to remind you to check if you are clenching.
3. Improve your posture. Hunching through your neck and shoulders changes the position of the Jaw and makes it work in a less than ideal way. Your Physio can give you exercises to strengthen the required muscles and tape you, to hold you in a better position.
4. Have your Physio look at your pillow and check that it is the right size for you. Sleeping position, like sitting position can have a big effect on the Jaw.
5. Experiment with heat packs and ice packs over the most painful places, always wrapped in a towel. See which gives you more relief and where. Communicate this to your Physio at your first appointment.
Please call us on 8555 4099 or BOOK ONLINE to make an appointment for your Jaw pain.