Exercise tips for Christmas

  1. Exercise – Think short & effective

Shorter periods of exercise, higher intensity

Ways to do this: Reduce rest time, increase speed,

increase weight, and reduce time





2. Get family involved

Find a local hike near your Christmas vacation spot.

Go for a family bike ride.

You-tube can be a great resource for workouts such as yoga,

or even check out our pre-recorded mat pilates classes on our website.




3. Use a calendar

Plan ahead – schedule your exercise in.

You can’t make excuses that you’re too

busy if you’ve made time for it prior!






4. Consistency is key

You know if we don’t use it, we LOSE it.

You don’t have to train hard, just train regularly.

This will help you maintain your fitness so it is

easier to resume exercise after the holidays.




5. Take easy exercise props away with you

Try taking a skipping rope, foam roller, exercise band or light weights.

We can help source these for you, so feel free to ask!








Written by Gabi Levitan, Physiotherapist.