What is the difference between doing Group Physio-led Exercise Pre or Post Natally at InnerStrength of Bayside?

For pregnant and post natal women, exercising is one of the important tools to help you through your pre and post natal period. There are a number of benefits of Individual and Group Physio Movement Based Exercise sessions (formally known as Clinical Pilates) during this time, including strengthening core, pelvic floor, assisting with your post-natal recovery and enhancing mental health.

Pre-natal Group Physiotherapy

During your pregnancy, you can join one of our Group Physiotherapy Exercise sessions after a Physiotherapy Assessment. These group sessions include up to 4 people and are under the guidance of a qualified Physiotherapist. These individualised sessions use a combination of reformers, mat exercises and other Pilates style equipment to optimise your individualised program. Our Physiotherapists are experienced with working with pregnant women and can easily modify some exercises or provide alternatives to ensure your comfort.

Anyone can benefit from these Group Physiotherapy Exercise sessions, however for pregnant women, it can make a big difference in your new journey and your post-natal recovery will be therefore much easier.

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Post-natal Group Physiotherapy & Mum and Bub Sessions

The post-natal session is a bit different from your pre-natal session. At Innerstrength of Bayside, we provide two options for Post Natal group Physiotherapy sessions.

A popular choice is our group Mums and Bub sessions, suitable from 6 weeks after birth. This way you can exercise with your baby in a fun and relaxed environment with other mums. To ensure that you are ready to exercise, you will have an individual assessment with one of our Physiotherapists. This class is tailored only to post-natal women who would like to engage in an exercise regime while recovering from pregnancy and socialising with other mums.

Benefits of our Mums & Bubs sessions include:
• A great way to bond with baby
• Exercise in a safe way while building up your core and pelvic floor strength
• Promote good posture for breastfeeding
• Enhance weight loss and increase body tone
• Reduce stress and risk of post-natal depression

Another option post-natally or once your baby starts crawling, is to join a Group Physiotherapy Exercise session as described in the pre-natal section above. These 45 minute sessions use Pilates style equipment and are suitable at 6 weeks following the birth after having an Assessment and can be a great time for you to focus on yourself.

If you have any more questions or would like to book in for an Assessment, please contact InnerStrength of Bayside on 8555 4099 or book online.