Tummy Muscle Separation By Lara Syme


How do celebrities manage to walk out from the hospital a few hours after giving birth, with a flat stomach and in stilettos? As someone who is well studied in the anatomical and physiological process of pregnancy and birth – I just don’t get it!


I tend to see the other end of the spectrum. Often I see women who fight an uphill battle against the hormone Relaxin, right from the peak of that 12 week surge.


And a fair number of my patients either notice their tummy muscles separating as their bump grows, or they are diagnosed as having a “DRAM” after giving birth. A 2016 study of 300 first time pregnancies found that 60% of the subjects had tummy muscle separation 6 weeks after giving birth.


In most cases, this separation diminishes with time and never causes any problems. Larger separations can however, require specialized exercises, bracing and activity modification to optimise the degree of improvement experienced by the patient.


At InnerStrength of Bayside we can do a thorough assessment of your tummy muscles and can create an exercise program appropriate to your needs.

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