Tips for travel over the holiday period


Now that we are getting closer to the holiday season some of you will be taking long car and plane journeys to visit loved ones or simply for a holiday! Whilst this is an exciting time, having to sit in an often cramped space for long periods of time can cause aggravation to some aches and pains.

Here are some handy hints to try during car and plane travel to help prevent pain from ruining your holidays.

  • If you suffer from back, hip or knee pain try to get up as frequently as you can. If in a plane ask for an aisle seat. If driving, stop every hour or so to stretch your legs and do any back stretches prescribed to you by your physio e.g. if sitting is aggravating your lower back try some back arches by putting your hands on your hips and arching your back by leaning back and allowing your hips to come forward.
  • During your plane flight pump your ankles up and down and get up for regular walks down the aisle to circulate the blood.
  • Stay hydrated.
  • Sit with a small pillow or rolled up jumper in the small of your lower back to maintain its natural arch.

The physios at InnerStrength of Bayside wish you a fantastic holiday and festive season!