Tips for returning to the gym

If you’ve had 3 months off, it’s probably best to ease back into gym life!

  • Start by lowering your weights and focus on building mind-muscle connections. Once you’ve got your form right, steadily increase back up to your normal weights. This will be great in maximising your gains and preventing injury! A guide may be to reduce by 50% and then increase your weights by 10% each week until you are back to your original weight. Don’t increase your weights until you have performed it at least twice without any issues.
  • Be sure to do some stretching exercises after a warm up and before you start your more intense exercises. When going to the gym, you put your body under great amounts of stress in order to achieve your goals. Because of this, start by warming up and mobilising the muscles. This again will help prevent injury, but will also help in activating the right muscle groups at the start of the session!
  • Wash your hands or sanitise before you start, after using any equipment at the gym as well as after your workout. Remember to bring and use a towel (sit or lie on it as able)! Gyms have always been a danger zone for spreading germs, so make sure you’re doing everything you can to stay safe. Use a clean towel for each session too!