Tibialis Posterior Tendinopathy By Sings Lakha

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Tibialis posterior tendinopathy is caused by soft tissue damage as well as inflammation of the tibialis posterior muscle located around the inside of the ankle.

Pain is generally localised to the inside of the ankle in and around the bone (medial malleolus).

The function of tibialis posterior is a supportive one. It maintains the arch of the foot and functions when the foot pushes off from the ground.

Ankle pain presents itself during a heel raise and usually worsens with repetitive stress, e.g. running, walking and/or jumping

Typical risk factors include having a pronated (flat) foot as well as tibialis posterior muscle weakness.

Tibialis posterior tendinopathy is managed by rest from aggravating activities such as running and choosing an alternative exercise like swimming until the pain subsides.

A key note for runners is to land softly on the foot and land on the mid foot.

A physiotherapist’s input is vital in assessing any postural dynamics and muscle weakness contributing to this problem. A referral to a podiatrist for orthotics can be done by a physio if deemed necessary.

Strengthening exercises include heel raises and then progressing to single leg heel raises when the pain subsides.