Emily’s Time at Think Pink

In March I spent an hour a week teaching Pilates to the lovely ladies at the Think Pink Living Centre in the CBD. The Think Pink Living Centre is a facility which is devoted to provide support and help to women diagnosed with breast cancer. I really enjoyed my experience working there and teaching Pilates to women who had recently undergone a mastectomy. As we know exercise is becoming a crucial part of the journey to recovery after a cancer diagnosis. Pilates is a wonderful way to incorporate mobility, core strengthening and shoulder stability work into cancer rehabilitation. I hope that some of the women I thought can take exercises from the class that they found most helpful and use them daily.
Not only was it great to see women show up to the class but it was great to see them coming together to provide support emotionally. I saw some great friendships blossom through the support groups Think Pink organise. I hope our close relationship with the women in Think Pink continues and we can work together to help as many women as we can.

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By Emily Smyth