Sore Feet?

Are your feet a little sore as the weather warms up and you adjust to a change in footwear? You may have pain in the heel, toes, arch, instep, or insole of the foot.

Multiple factors may be responsible for producing foot pain such as: increased time spent on your feet with social events etc., increased age, gender, ill-fitted footwear or non-supportive footwear, obesity and chronic degenerative diseases.

Sneakers and work shoes can offer a certain level of support and comfort, which our feet get used to, so it is understandable that we may start feeling some discomfort when we ditch them for bare feet, thongs, sandals or high heels. Different shoes, especially among women’s footwear, can lead to postural changes in standing and the way we walk. Our legs and feet start having to work a little harder and then fatigue and pain may result.

Here are some things you can do….

  1. Decrease the use of high heels, this can prevent ankle sprains and low back pain.
  2. Decrease the use of shoes with a narrow toe box, which cramps toes.
  3. Use appropriate shoes which allow for normal foot mechanics. For example, consider wearing Birkenstocks or Archies Thongs, which offer a bit more support compared to some loose-fitting sandals or thongs.
  4. During social events when you are spending long periods standing, have little micro pauses sitting or perched on a stool or ledge to offload the structures of the feet and prevent sustained pressure on the same points. Your feet will thank you later!
  5. Massage the sole of your feet with a spikey ball or golf ball for a few minutes a day.
  6. During the year, have some time without shoes. Take your shoes off as soon as you get home so that you can build up some strength in your feet. We weren’t designed to be wearing bulky shoes all day long so use it or lose it!

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Written by Luci Minogue, Physiotherapist.


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