Meet our Receptionist Lynn

At InnerStrength we know that our business’ strength is our great and unique employees. Without them we would have no InnerStrength! So we have decided to write a regular feature all about our employees, celebrating their uniqueness.

Our Receptionist Lynn has been the smiling face that welcomes you at InnerStrength for a year now! She is also the behind the scenes person, collating newsletters and filing Pilates sheets. Lynn is the reason our clinic runs smoothly. Here are a few things you probably didn’t know about Lynn….
lynn the lion

If you could be one Disney character for a week who would it be?  

Narla from the Lion King

What song best describes your moto in life?

Chumbawumba’s Tubthumping  (I get knocked down… but I get up again)– except I don’t drink!! (I used to say I wanted that played at my funeral, but not any more!)

What is the funniest thing that has happened to you recently? 

I was reading to my 3 year old grandson, Knox, a book called “Kiss Kiss”. The baby hippo walked out of the muddy pond and his Mum was in the background with a bird on her back. I asked did he know what the bird was doing. He said he didn’t so I told him the bird was pecking insects for food and that helped the hippo not get bites. My son was close by and both he and I fancy ourselves as biologists, so I said, “and Knox, do you know that that is a Symbiotic relationship?”  My son started laughing and said, “Mother, you are an idiot.”  We both had a good laugh about it – Knox was a little bewildered!

If you could become a superhero – what would you like your super power to be? 


Which ice-cream flavour best describes your personality? 

Chocolate mud – or maybe that is just my favorite!!