Meet our Physio Lisa

flower which flower would you be?

At InnerStrength we know that our business’ strength is our great and unique employees. Without them we would have no InnerStrength! So we have decided to write a regular feature all about our employees, celebrating their uniqueness.

Lisa Friendlisa photo

What do you do to stay strong? 

I love to challenge myself physically – whether it’s running, Pilates or Vinyasa Yoga. I also try to meditate regularly to stay mentally strong and mindful.

If you were a flower which flower would you be? 

I’m completely obsessed with peonies – they’re so lovely but they also look like a punching fist so they’re sweet but also a little bit gangster – like me!

Favourite season? 

Definitely summer – I hate being cold!

What cheers you up? 

Without fail: sunlight, cuddles, hip-hop music and my very favourite people.

 If you could have a room to hang out in, full of any one thing, but these things could never be removed from the room, what would it be? 

I would love to (maybe one day) have a house with a library, so I’m going to say a room full of books. I’m not actually a huge reader but I love the look of floor to ceiling shelves stacked full of old books and who knows, maybe some of the knowledge will soak in just by being in there!

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