Meet our June work experience student – Caitlyn!

Hi, my name is Caitlyn and I have spent the past 4 days at InnerStrength of Bayside. I have had an amazing experience here at InnerStrength. As I entered through the doors each day, all the employees were incredibly nice and welcoming, especially my supervisor, Emily. Starting off I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect, however Emily was really a blessing because she treated me well and always made sure I was occupied with something interesting to do. I had the opportunity to observe patients undergoing treatment as well as the techniques used for Physiotherapy and the use of Pilates equipment. Initially I found myself hesitant to ask questions, but Emily made me feel at ease as she continued to explain details of her patients’ injuries and recovery plans as well as asking if I had any questions. Emily also helped me understand all the ‘physio lingo’, which deepened my knowledge.

During my work experience at InnerStrength I have learnt many things, such as, what is required to help rehabilitate injuries, nerves and muscles within the body and that everyone has a story, plus much more!

Highlight of my week: I have thoroughly enjoyed learning how people recover from serious injuries. I met a man named Trent who tragically got hit by a car around 4-5 months ago. He is so positive and motivated to recover successfully. Trent was kind enough to let me sit in on his sessions and it was awesome! I really learnt a lot from his sessions; how his life is slowly being put back together and how he is rehabilitating since his accident. He has really bounced back and it’s inspiring to see!

I’d like to thank everyone at InnerStrength of Bayside for the amazing experience I’ve had this past week, especially Emily for being a fantastic supervisor and showing me the ins & outs of the profession.