Labral Tears of the Hip by Sings Lakha

groin injury
The labrum of the hip is comprised of a ring of fibrocartilage that lines the outside of the joint socket. Its main function is to stabilise the head of the femur (thigh bone) in the hip socket.
Labral tears usually occur during a sudden twist, falls and sporting injuries. They occur more commonly in females than males. Pain is commonly experienced in the groin area when walking and pivoting on the affected hip. Factors that contribute towards injury include poor posture and weakness of the hip musculature.
Your physiotherapist plays a critical role in treating a labral tear. This may include addressing postural issues, massage as well as strengthening the hip musculature. Strengthening exercises include squats, crab walking, lunges, split squats, step ups and balance exercises on the wobble board.
Hip arthroscopy (surgery) is only indicated then there are no improvements in symptoms after 6 months. Arthroscopy is not indicated if there is evidence of arthritis in the hip joint.
If you suspect you have a labral tear please call InnerStrength of Bayside on 8555 4099 to book in for a Physiotherapy assessment.