Keeping Active over Christmas

Here are some tips and friendly reminders about staying active, that you can take into this Christmas season:

  • Remember that you lose your strength and flexibility faster than you gain it, so its important to stay active!
  • Get outside and play with the kids to work off all the Christmas treats!
  • When you’re going to an event park further away and walk the extra distance
  • If you can’t make your regular Group Physio or gym class, be okay with attending a different one! Try not to take an ‘all or nothing’ approach and embrace an inconsistent schedule
  • Get out early to avoid the heat and get your exercise done for the day
  • Get your family involved and be active together – Christmas lunch in the park anyone?
  • Prioritise your hydration. There are some of us that tend to drink a bit more alcohol around this time of year. That, combined with the summer heat, is leading you towards dehydration which depletes your body of electrolytes. This will make you crave sugar and salty foods (the naughty things!) and not feel like exercising so best to make water a top priority!

No time to get out and do something? Click here for a basic Pilates exercise program that can be done at home with no equipment needed!