Feeling Dizzy? By Lara Syme



Every few weeks the Physiotherapists at InnerStrength of Bayside meet, and take turns presenting on a topic of mutual interest. It is a way for us to keep our practice current and also offers us an opportunity to share our skills and experience. This week we focused on assessing and treating Vertigo. Vertigo can stem from several structures in the ear or nervous system.  Vertigo is a hallucination of movement, often rotary in nature. Vertigo is the most common presentation of Dizziness seen by clinicians.

The most common presentation that we, as Physios treat, involves a patient who woke up that morning, turned their head to look at the alarm clock and suddenly the whole room started spinning! Our patients usually report needing to lie very still for a minute or so, waiting for the spinning to stop. After this horrible wake up, our patients are very careful with their movements in order to not set the spinning off again. Often there has been no precipitating factor that has caused this, but at other times a car accident or sudden jolt the day before may be mentioned.

Physio can be very effective for this kind of Vertigo. Treatment often involves performing some positional manoeuvers firstly to assess and then treat the dizziness. We also send you home with some manoeuvres that our patients can use to treat themselves if this ever reoccurs.


So, if Vertigo is making you feel like this….

cartoon vertigo








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