Calf Pain in Runners by Luci Minogue

Calf pain is a common complaint in runners. If your pain has come on gradually and is spread out over the muscle it may be an overuse injury, whereby pain is caused by fatigue in the muscle, as opposed to a sudden onset of pain during push off in running which may be an acute muscle tear. This overuse injury is called Biomechanical Overload Syndrome and is an injury most commonly seen in deconditioned runners between 40-60 years of age. Other risk factors may include a change in training load, muscle weakness, previous calf injury, stress or lack of sleep.

Assessment by your Physio will include

  • Observation of your posture and calf muscle.
  • Muscle strength testing such as how many calf raises you can do before you experience pain or fatigue.
  • Strength testing of other leg muscles.
  • Ankle movement.
  • Palpation (a feel) of the calf muscle.

Treatment for calf muscle overload is focused on increasing the capacity of the muscle to handle the load you are putting on it during running. It may also include modification to your training schedule and running technique so you are not aggravating your pain.

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