Are you currently working from home?

Is your desk set-up working for you?

Are you struggling with neck and back pain or stiffness when you are working?

An ideal desk set-up is imperative to ensure you reduce the impact of computer/ desk based work on your spine. Stepping back and having a look at your workstation can help you determine what is wrong and how you can make it better for your body. I recommend that you have a family member take a photo of you at your workstation as this enables you to look at it more objectively. You can even show the photo to your physio. 

Here are a few simple things that you can do today to improve your work station.

1. Clear away the clutter. 

2. Ensure you have a chair with good lower back support and that the chair is at a height that you are able to place your feet flat on the ground (or on a stool). Try to bring your chair close to the desk so that your elbows are bent to approx 90 degrees and you do not have to lean forward to reach the keyboard or mouse.

3. Ensure that your computer screen is at the right height. The top of your screen should be around eye height.

4. If you are working from a laptop; use a separate/ wireless keyboard & mouse and elevate your screen (using some books or a stand).

5. Keep moving. If you cannot remember to get up from your desk regularly, set yourself an alarm to avoid sessions of prolonged sitting. 

6. Remember to also give your eyes a rest. Periodically take your focus off the screen. 

Additionally, you can try to break up the day with some thoracic mobility exercises which you can access via the link below.  These can be done all in one go morning and night or can be done one at a time throughout the day during your breaks.

If you have any further questions, or are needing more advice regarding your home workstation or are needing physiotherapy treatment, call the clinic on 8555 4099 to make an appointment (in person or online) with one of our physios or click here to book online.

Written by Caitlin Collenette