10 Reasons Why Lara Packed Her Spikey Ball

I ❤my Spikey Ball!

1. He doesn’t weigh much.Lara's spikey ball
2. He gives me massages whenever I ask.
3. Then he massages my husband!
4. He has an ultra fashionable haircut!
5. I figure that now that I no longer carry books while traveling due to my kindle use I have extra space in my bag for my Spikey Ball!
6. My Spikey ball is especially talented at unknotting the exact muscles that tend to tighten up from long flights, heavy back packs and exploring a city on foot.
7. You never regret using your Spikey ball.
8. The only things that can work better to unknot my muscles are Luci and my foam roller (in that order!). Neither Luci nor my foam roller would fit in my travel bag!
9. Unlike my husband, he doesn’t complain when I ask him to take part in photo shoots for InnerStrength in the middle of the Bolivain Salt Flats.
10. If you still aren’t convinced that a Spikey ball makes the ultimate travel partner. Then take your shoe off, place the ball under your foot and roll your weight backwards and forwards over the ball… You will never want to leave home without it!

InnerStrength of Bayside sells Spikey balls for $12.