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5 Reasons why Clinical Pilates is Important Post Child Birth

November 6, 2013

04/11/13   1)  Clinical Pilates is a safe form of exercise and is easily modifiable. Your Physio can vary each exercise, to still allow you a good workout, despite sore wrists, stretched tummy muscles or other common aches and pains. 2) Clinical Pilates assists the recovery of your body by strengthening your abdominals, back and pelvic floor and assisting in maternal weight loss.…

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Basic First Aid Advice

October 24, 2013

21/11/13 Here is some FIRST AID tips to help aid recovery before you see a physio for injuries such as a sprained ankle or pulled muscle: R   Rest the injured area to aid healing I    Ice for 15-20 mins every 2 hours C   Compress with a firm bandage to reduce swelling E    Elevate the injured area as much as possible R    Referral to a…

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PINC Video

October 8, 2013

08/10/2013 In this video one of our PINC clients, Effie, describes her experience with breast cancer and how The PINC Cancer Rehabilitation Program has helped her regain her strength and confidence after surgery and treatment. She also demonstrates some Pilates exercises. Click here for more information on our Cancer Rehabilitation Programs PINC and STEEL. [hr]

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Headaches? Does your jaw click, lock or catch? ….. Might be TMJ

September 24, 2013

TMJ is an abbreviation for Temporomandibular Joint, or the jaw joint.  There are two, one in front of each ear.  These joints move each time we chew, talk or swallow.  They are probably the most used joints in the body (used far more by some of us than others!). The TMJs have a disc between the bones, like the ones between…

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Spikey Ball!

September 11, 2013

11/09/13 Sore upper back? Sore feet? Have you ever used a spikey ball to massage these areas? They only cost $12 and are a great way to self massage! Roll your foot over it whilst sitting or standing to release cramping or tired and sore feet. Also place the ball to the side of your spine between your shoulder blades…

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Cancer Rehabilitation

August 29, 2013

29/08/2013 Do you or someone you know have cancer? Did you know that both surgery and cancer treatments such as chemotherapy cause extreme de-conditioning and fatigue and exercise helps to correct both of these debilitating problems? More importantly exercise has also been shown to significantly improve longevity in cancer survivors! Physiotherapist Luci Minogue at InnerStrength of Bayside is an accredited PINC and…

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How is your posture at work?

August 19, 2013

19/08/13 Observe yourself throughout a normal day at work. Do you experience pain in your neck? Shoulders? Back? How much time do you spend seated? Once you are aware of possible issues, you can make changes. Small changes, one at a time can make the big difference. Our Principal Physiotherapist Luci has a degree in Ergonomics. So, if you would…

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Thoracic Spine Stretches

August 12, 2013

12/08/13 Do you ever get a sore upper back or neck from prolonged sitting for example at a desk or leaning over a work station? View our video here where Principal Physiotherapist Luci Minogue teaches some easy to do upper back stretches. If your pain worsens or persists with these stretches please call InnerStrength of Bayside on 8555 4099 to…

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Dry Needling

August 1, 2013

01/08/2013 Have you heard of dry needling and wondered what it is? To practice Dry Needling a physiotherapist needs to undertake specialised training courses. There are different types of dry needling such as Trigger Point Needling or Dry Needling Plus. Our Principal Physiotherapist Luci Minogue has been trained in Dry Needling Plus and has had a lot of success in…

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Welcome to our Physiotherapy Latest News/Blog!

August 1, 2013

InnerStrength of Bayside will be using this page to keep you up to date with the latest changes in Physiotherapy care. We will also regularly provide you with helpful tips and advice to keep you healthy and injury free in your day to day lives and activities. Please feel free to contact us to request any topics you would like…

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What our clients say

"Challenging personalised Pilates classes in a friendly and supportive environment. Thorough and professional physio services."

- Chris Arkey

"I have been doing clinical Pilates at InnerStrength of Bayside for more than 5 years and have always found the staff friendly and knowledgeable and the class environment friendly and inclusive. Highly recommended."

-Jasmine Evans

"The mums and bubs Pilates classes are fantastic at this clinic. Sings (who runs the classes) is wonderful at getting to know everyone's different needs and incorporating them into the class. It's a really friendly, supportive environment."

- Kate Brady